Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Gesture Drawing Class: week 7

For the seventh session I wasn't sure whether or not I would still be in a slump. I decided I was just gonna try to have some fun and not worry so much. I wanted to give the drawings some character, story and environment. I also thought I'd try using markers. By the end of the session I wasn't sure I'd still be in a slump. I guess I'd have to work on a few things for the next couple weeks

Gesture Drawing Class: week 6

I was in a bit of a slump for the sixth session. I was having trouble getting the rhythms and life of the figure right in my drawings. Which is why I only have one drawing up here and I'm not even content with it. So it seemed I had to struggle once more to convey life in my drawings. The second drawing here is a gesture drawing of Mark's with some notes

Gesture Drawing Class: week 5

For the fifth session of the class we were given examples of various artists' styles. The model was really cool she dressed in four or five different costumes. Unfortunately I didn't like a lot of the drawings I had for this session so I only have these three up for now

Gesture Drawing Class: week 4

The model for this session didn't have much of a costume, so I decided to play a little bit with the first couple drawings. As we moved to the shorter poses I tried pen again and despite weeks of struggling with the medium it seemed a bit easier this week.

Gesture Drawing Class: week 3

For the third session i attempted to show movement with the hair and clothing. My first drawings I did in pen. I finding some difficulties with that medium so during the second half I used pencil:

Gesture Drawing Class: week 2

For the second session of the gesture class we were introduced to concepts of rhythms within the figure/costume and how to lead the viewer's eye through the drawing. the last drawing was Mark's example of the rhythms that exists within the form


Gesture Drawing Class: week 1

This past Spring I was enrolled in a gesture drawing class at the Animation Guild under the tutelage of Mark McDonnell (Character Designer). The following drawings are from the first session of the class. I remember feeling like I was out of practice during that first class and my drawings seemed somewhat stiff. I wasn't particularly happy with these first drawings but I thought I'd post them up in order to show where I started:

Mark McDonnell instructed me to search for the life/flow of the figure
. The following two drawings were his examples for me to follow

got a new scanner

It has been a while since I last updated/posted anything new on here. (unfortunately my scanner/printer broke down on me this past semester). It was a couple years old so I had to retire it and get a new one. So I will have some new posts up today. Beginning with 12 weeks worth of gesture drawings from a gesture drawing class at the Animation Guild.